so i saw a couple today and the girl was trying to keep her boyfriend dry by using her hand since he insisted on giving her most of the umbrella 
and then this happened



Guys, if you speak Japanese or Korean, or even if you don’t, please send a message to sercgakisei because he’s a disabled non-binary Korean/Chinese/Japanese teen who has been bullied by weeaboos on this site for not speaking English very well. His father has taken over his account and will translate the English messages for him.

please do this

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Something simple between projects.

Daisy-オルゴールアレンジ- by wakaba
43,613 再生

when you know who’s calling even though the number is blocked.

閻魔系女子 by ゆつもえ✿一日目フ-26b※ Permission to upload this was given by the artist. Do not edit, use or reprint to another website without artist’s permission.

二上山周辺 on Flickr.